Saturday, April 7, 2012

Technology affects worker productivity

In as much as technology positively affects global businesses, some aspects of it does adversely affect employee morale and business relationships. Technologies like software for monitoring employees at the work place has a tendency of making emplyees feel less trusted. Morale is rather boosted and there is enhanced productivity when employees are given responsibilities and are trusted by the employer to perform. Although there are good reasons for installing these monitoring softwares,monitoring systems intimidates the employee and makes him or her less confident; resaearch under the aegies of Professor Howard Besser shows that being aware that they are being monitored or recorded does decrease morale and worker productivity. Link:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Technology hurts effective verbal communication

  Students have always tried to communicate; trying out new words and constructing sentences using new vocabularies. Technology has has almost eliminated face-to-face communication and the efforts towards effective speeches and debates are missing today. Abbreviated words and jargons used in texting and on social networking have interfered the student's ability to construct meaningful sentences.
  A teacher who has gone back to school at the university of Oregon explained that "for a student to practice rhetoric and other techniques of persuation, with factual accuracy and some degree of emotional appeal to an audience, they need to articulate their words and many students we are seeing just can't do that because they rely too much on technology for their communication".



Saturday, March 10, 2012

Adverse effect of technology on society

The negative impact of technology like the Internet has increased crimes. Unethical practices such as hacking, spamming on the rise.The content displayed on websites lack regulations and people have now become addicted to Internet gambling. Children have now abandoned the play grounds and rather spend all their time playing online games. They now lack exercises and no physical activities which leads to related health problems. The advent of social networking sites worsen the situation having the youth and adults alike bound to these websites and loosing the essence of real social life and human relationship. Human intellect have been traded for computers and thus the capacity of the human brain largely underutilized. Most people today are unable to spend time reading, neither are they able to retain what has been read because the brain has been tailored to the quick and easy ways to finding information on today's search engines and websites. The essence of technology to societies, economies and the world cannot be overemphasized, however, over dependence on it has adversely affected societal values.